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ByChris Swift

Business & Research

My main interests and experience are:

Supporting and encouraging others to innovate and start small businesses.

Research and development of engineering solutions in the areas of outdoor mobility products, personal mobility and disability lifestyle equipment.

Current projects include:

Development of a new handlebar control/steering system for individuals with no hand function and limited and strength.

Development of a novel all terrain accessible electric mobility device.

Business Experience.

Founder and Director of Molten Rock Equipment Ltd throughout its 10 years trading from 2006. Molten Rock was a manufacturer and retailer of specialist mobility equipment.

Growing the company from living room to SME employing five full-time staff.

Securing private equity finance to grow the business through Angel networks and investment groups.

Previous projects include:

Investigation of powered wheelchair ride comfort.

Off-road mobility for physically disabled wheelchair users.

Countryside access for individuals with a physical disability.



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