Take that Leap

ByChris Swift

Take that Leap

Committing to your own business is a leap of faith. Faith in your spreadsheet calculations. Faith in your predictions of market and consumer behaviour. Faith in the ability of you and perhaps your team to pull off your grand plan.

It is this leap into the unknown that thrills, exhilarates and makes you get out of bed every morning and work until midnight. In short, it’s all part of the good stuff entrepreneurs thrive on.

That said, that leap of faith can also be extremely daunting. For some there will be a safety net in the form of other opportunities or other incomes. For others it can mean putting everything on the line for both themselves and their families. And don’t forget it can get lonely at midnight in the office, or travelling around the country to meetings, or taking negative feedback from a customer. So why do we do it?

It’s been said many times that financial reward isn’t a good motivator. Of course a financial return of your investment of time, blood, sweat and tears is extremely welcome, but perhaps not why you took that leap in the first place.

You take that leap because you believe in your idea and in the plan. Because you have faith in your self and in your team. And because you know in your heart that it’s the right thing to do.

And in terms of payoff; there’s nothing better than finding out that you made the right call.

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