Know Your Strengths to Succeed

ByChris Swift

Know Your Strengths to Succeed

I recently read an article about Helen Cooke, founder of MyPlus Consultancy.

There is a great quote from Helen on her website. “I don’t believe I am any more special than anyone else, but I do believe my disability has given me something extra”.

It is this “something extra” that Helen tirelessly talks to organisations about helping them to realise the advantages and strengths of attracting and recruiting disabled employees, including graduates.

This approach really caught my attention and seemed such a positive spin on disability; that the circumstances that set you apart from non-disabled people also contribute to your strengths. The key, it seems, is to recognise what your strengths are and put them forward.

When starting your own business you are more than often selling yourself as much as you are selling your business idea. Whether it is negotiating a business loan or pitching for investment, decision-makers are deciding whether you can do what you say you’re going to do. Do they feel you have the skills and experience to carry out your business plan?
Rightly or wrongly; it is up to you to sell yourself and your strengths and this is particularly crucial as a disabled entrepreneur.

You need to be aware of your strengths and to pre-empt any concerns straight off; to accentuate how your unique abilities will contribute to making your dream happen.

I was thrilled to be asked to contribute my story to the “Faces of MyPlus” and I would recommend that you take time to read the background to MyPlus Consultancy.

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